Why Devil Dog?

Our company specializes in complete buyouts. Why Complete buyouts you might ask vs. estate sales and auction houses? With an estate sale people show up and buy your items and negotiate various prices with you or the estate sale company. After the sale is over with you are left with leftover merchandise which you have to figure out what to do with or pay someone to haul off. The better items are now sold off and now you are left with leftovers or no sales. Not only that you have had numerous people inside your home and property with the potential for not respecting your property the way they should. There are many unknowns and lack of guarantee with Auction houses. With us it’s easy we come in and purchase the entire estate contents and clean out your property all in one shot removing not only the desirables but the trash as well leaving you with the peace of mind of an empty home all the while putting money in your pocket.

Why Choose Us?

  • No Commision to pay an Estate Sale Company or Auction House. Commissions can typically run from 25%-50%
  • Easy to work with and understands what you are going through and what needs to be accomplished
  • Hassle Free allowing you concentrate on others issues with a peace of mind knowing your goals are getting accomplish by a qualified company
  • Stress free experience with a business that truly cares about the client whether getting the job or not as we will point you in the right direction whether we get the job or not
  • Military Veteran Logistical Experience Dependability, Responsibility & Integrity you can count on